People in Recovery - Paying Forward - Second Chances

We are a group of grateful recovering addicts and alcoholics helping shelter dogs find new homes. We have been lost, alone and afraid in our addiction. Now, free at last, we are paying forward that second chance at life to shelter dogs whose stories are not much different than our own.

No, a dog can’t cure your addiction. But a dog can be a constant and loyal companion, which is key to your mental and emotional wellness. Growing evidence shows that caring for and having the companionship of a dog can help you in your recovery. Join us to help our canine friends, and help yourself in the process!

Dogs Are Loyal

As addicts, we tend to wreck relationships and family ties. Sure we have those who have stuck with us, but there is no denying the bridges we’ve burned. When you find yourself alone and struggling with addiction, your dog will never leave you.

Unlike people, dogs don’t care what you do as long as you love them. They don’t get angry or upset with you and they don’t hold grudges. That loyalty can be powerful. It gives you a connection that’s always there, and a sense of motivation to be worthy of that love and attention. You can learn to be the great person your dog believes you to be.

Improve Mental Health

Dogs have long been used in therapy. Of course, they make great assistants for people with disabilities, but dogs are also being used for mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety disorder, panic disorder and others.

Scientific research has proven that dogs and other pets provide a host of health benefits. Having a dog around can cause physical changes, including lower blood pressure and improved recovery from heart disease. Caring for a dog also induces chemical changes in the brain that lead to stress relief, a sense of calm and peace and even improved self-esteem.

Sponsor a Dog

Get your first sponsee. When you sponsor a rescue dog, you help secure a future for him or her. Focusing on the long term goal of finding a permanent home helps you build a bond with a furry friend and give something back. We invite all volunteers to sponsor a dog.

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Oliver visits Just Believe Recovery Center to give and get some unconditional love!